Abductions by North Korea

『Association of Saitama to rescue Japanese abducted by North Korea』 さまの作成されたチラシの英語版をご紹介します。



   【 チラシ本文 】
Association of Saitama to rescue Japanese abducted by North Korea

Do you know about the abductions by North Korea?

Since the 1950s,North Korea has been abducting many innocent Japanese citizens,using numerous agents,to force them to work for North Korea to ;
teach Japanese to spies, counterfeit dollar bills, make stimulants, and to make atomic bombs and missiles, etc.
This was under the order of the late Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea.

Besides Japan,
the nationals of the following 11 countries were abducted.
South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, Lebanon, Jordan, The Netherlands, and Italy.
To rescue them, we are collecting signatures to push the Japanese Government to impose sanctions on North Korea.

You can also help us

North Korea spy ship invading Japanese territorial waters. After this picture was taken the crew sank the ship to commit suicide. Dec.2011

Weapons recovered from the raised ship

Individual Cases

The symbol of our work, a blue ribbon

1. November 15, 1977: Abduction Case Involving a Young Girl

Megumi Yokota (13) Niigata Prefecture
Disappeared on her way home from school in Niigata city. While being taken to North Korea in the spy ship, she kept crying,"Mom,help me! Mom,mom..." She was only 13 years old.

2. In or around June 1978: Lee Un-Hae Case

Yaeko Taguchi (22) Tokyo
Kim Hyon-Hui, a North Korea agent convicted of blowing up a Korean Airlines jet in November 1987, claims to have learned how to act like Japanese person from a woman named "Lee Un-hae."This "Lee Un-Hae appears to be the missing Yaeko Taguchi.She had two little children. Now they are working to rescue their mother, Yaeko.

3. August 12, 1978: Abduction Case of a Mother and Daughter

Hitomi Soga (19) and Miyoshi Soga (46) Niigata Prefecture
Disappeared after going out on August 12, 1978. Hitomi, after being released from North Korea, testified that she and her mother had gone shopping, when they were abducted. Hitomi Soga returned to Japan in October 2002. Her husband (Charles Jenkins, a US citizen) and their daughters arrived in Japan In July 2004.
North Korea has asserted that Miyoshi Soga had never entered North Korea.

For detailes of other abducted people, please see the homepage of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.URL(pdf DL): http://http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/asia-paci/n_korea/abduction/pdfs/abductions_en.pdf.

-There are more than 500 victims in addition to this-



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